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Software &
Web Development

Custom Web Application Development

Our custom software development and web application development services include everything from simple content to the most complex web-based Internet applications, social network services and electronic business applications. Our company also provides custom web application development services include web design and development, application integration, software consulting as well as application maintenance services. Our experience in doing this business enables you to save effort and time of your employees, create an effective e-commerce application, manage web content easily and interactive communication between users and customers.

Software Development

Surya Mulia International custom software development services aim to solve critical customer problems and issues with business solution to give benefit for the entire enterprise. We have professional software development team,quality assurance testing, certified processes, cutting edge technologies like .Net, PHP, Java and others to enable the clients to have the best investment in all their custom software development. Our company also provides full range of custom software development service from software engineering, IT consulting, solution design and software product development to software maintenance, support and integration services. With SMI as the software development provider, the clients will get industry-leading innovative solutions for their business issues.

Mobile Application Development

SMI mobile app developers are following the latest trends of the new gadgets application development. Our company combines flight programming and inventive skills as well as creativity and commitment for the customers. SMI mobile application development services include business software, mobile client software, productivity applications, solutions and utilities, games, Internet, porting web application and other services such as financial, advertising (coupon, corporate and promotional), news, geo map, music and video, social network, communication and education application. All of the applications are designed to meet the customers' requirements.

Dedicated Teams

Are you tired of maintaining and developing your software? Our professionals and dedicated development team are ready to help you cutting your overhead costs while improving your company's marketing strategies with a lower development cost. The development team include professionals experts of PHP web application and any other types of application, senior Java software developers and experienced Flash and Flex web application developers. We offer flexibility and practical methods to improve your business.

Software Support & Maintenance

We are here to save your precious time on customer issue handling and constantly implement changes on your system 24/7. Our services include a non stop production emergency support fixing, platform monitoring and technical support. We will also manage customers support and handle end use issues as well as manage the risk and process. Ongoing application maintenance and infrastructure support bug fixes as well as new features to enhance database administration are also included in our to-do-list. You will save your time and money and be confident with the quality.

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