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Our company understand that most business want to spend less time in maintaining their site's rank on the search engines. Our aim is to generate customized and trusted SEO programs for our customers, which helps providing more time to work on the core of the business. We understand that Search Engine Optimization involves focus, patience and consistency. At Surya Mulia International, we are solely focused on providing prominent ranks on relevant keywords for our customers.

Internet & Social Media Marketing

The difference between our company and our competitors is that this is a business consultant company that builds web sites. Firstly, we would like to understand customers' marketing strategies and ensure the website is an essential part of your marketing strength. We can help you to develop a marketing plan if you do not have it. Secondly, Internet provides various tools to enable people to build business and social connections and also collaborate and share information on projects online. Web site has become a crucial need for a company to build Brand Loyalty. Through the social media in the Internet with solid marketing team, consistent contact with your customer is the best promoting effort. Through the use of LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, Twitter and Facebook, your company will be able to promote and advertise your product and brand as well as make your customer keep informed with the latest services and products.

Content Development

Our company has a solid team that will give you reliable content development in your website. Our company offers complete service of content development for various writing requirements. Our team will give you purposeful content as well as SEO combined with customer requirements to maintain your website rank. Our experience in making persuasive content that sells which meets the customers' requirement is an award winning strategy to obtain more customers. All the writings are proofread to ensure the quality of the content.

Graphic Design

We develop the look of your company image demands in the market with you. Our company can take your current logo, look and develop a website around that or develop a whole new look and identity image of corporate around your company. We will gladly help you with new outcoming and launching or re-launching of your new brands and image.

Our company will help you to design standard HTML website as your electronic brochure or custom web applications that are built into dynamic design. Dynamic sites are database driven websites that generate pages on demand so you can have anything from displaying inventory on the site to an interactive survey or test. We can also give you fresh new look by remodeling your site.

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